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Compare Currency Exchange Rates

Compare Currency is an easy to use website that enables you to make side-by-side comparisons of the top providers of travel money, prepaid currency cards and international payment services to ensure that you get today's best exchange rates.

All of the rates offered by online providers and high street companies are monitored daily and shown on our website. We have real people trawling the high street so you don’t have to. Using this site will save you time and money!

Why should I use a currency comparison website?

The top considerations when buying foreign currency have been highlighted and put into simplistic tables showing exchange rates, minimum order amounts, commission fees and home delivery options offered by each currency provider.

As well as providing you with current exchange rates offered by the major currency providers we also regularly update the site with top tips and guides on buying travel money and making money transfers.

Quick & easy way to compare rates

For those people looking to send a large amount of money abroad (maybe to buy an overseas property, for emigration or to convert an overseas salary) our money transfer quote service will allow you to compare rates and fees offered by the UK’s leading money transfer providers in order to get the best deal.