In 2015 there were over 436,000 international students in the UK with an estimated £7bn requiring conversion.

88% influenced by exchange rates

436,585 international students came to study in the UK [1] in a single year, the economic impact for UK is enormous! Non-UK students generate an estimated £11 billion for the economy. EU students alone contributed £3.7bn for the UK economy and supported over 34,000 jobs in all corners of the country. [2]

[1] UK Council for International Affairs - 2014-15 Data

[2] The UK HE International Unit, UK Council for International Students - Official Facts & Figures 2016

94% get information online & 75% check rates frequently

Our survey found ...

Whilst most students knew how to access exchange rate information and they did so frequently, there was a significant lack of knowledge about how to secure a better deal when actually conducting a currency transaction.


Our new student currency calculator allows you to see current and historic exchange rate information. Just select the currency you wish to convert into GBP below.

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89% of students want live currency alerts when rates change

Our survey found ...

Exchange rates are unpredictable and continuously changing. It is not uncommon for rates to fluctuate by 5-10% within a 30 day period. 89% of students indicated in our survey that they would benefit from live alerts when rates significantly changed.


We've built a rate alert system to help keep students pro-actively informed of rates and significant rate movements. It's free and easy to sign-up.

94% of students want to speak with peers who studied abroad

Our survey found ...

Students have a lot of questions and need ongoing support about currency exchange. Despite being given valuable information and support from universities, students prefer speaking to other students who already studied abroad and have gained real-world experience.


We've built a Q&A thread right into this page. Please start asking questions here if you need answers to anything that hasn't already been asked on this page. Our in-house currency experts will answer any questions personally. If any students want to share their experiences, they can also do that here.

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