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In the modern era of searching for information online, our servers attempt to recognise your visits to Compare Currency so we can give you the best experience online. Nearly all websites use cookies nowadays, they are harmless and there is nothing to be alarmed about.

A cookie is typically a small text file that is placed on your computer, tablet or phone by a website’s server and only that server will be able to retrieve and read the cookie in the future. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. The text file will contain basic information to help improve your online experience. For example, it can remember your last viewed settings, like ‘location’ for displaying the local weather or ‘login’ for remembering your way around a shopping basket.

If you do not wish for a website to store this information as a cookie there are ways of preventing the information being stored. Various forms of cookie blockers and browser functions can be configured. However, for the vast majority of people, cookies are used for good reason and help to provide a more suitable tailored experience for us all whilst we are online.