Moneycorp Exchange Rates

Moneycorp offer foreign exchange and international payment services for businesses and private clients. Markets experts employed by Moneycorp will buy or sell currency on your behalf and ensure that each transaction is carried out efficiently, cost-effective and hassle free.

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"MoneyCorp have been around for over 30 years. They offer a professional service and good exchange rates. Their online system is worth checking out if you make regular payments abroad."

Main Features

MoneyCorp are 100% confident that they can help you with your money transfer requirements.

Their main features include:

  • Personal and Business services available
  • 0% Commission
  • Able to purchase forward contracts
  • Can establish regular payments
  • Expert advice
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Managing currency exposure


In order to carry out a transaction with Moneycorp firstly you will need to open an account online with them. Account opening is completely free and no obligation.

Money transfer timescales will depend on where you are sending your money. Typically a transfer of funds to Western Europe or the USA are made on the same day. Money being sent elsewhere can take two days.

A few words from MoneyCorp

"Moneycorp are the longest standing foreign exchange company in the industry, we have been exchanging currency since 1979. During that time we have focused on exceptional customer services, along with excellent exchange rates. In what has until recently been an unregulated industry, Moneycorp have always sought to provide complete security and peace of mind for our client’s funds and can be independently verified by our unique ISO accreditation and unrivalled credit rating."

Customer Reviews

"Moneycorp helped me to swiftly and seamlessly execute the FX transaction at a very competitive exchange rate, with the absolute minimum of fuss and at no cost to me"


"Customer service overall in Moneycorp went very well, and my accounted dealer knew what he was doing. It was clean, quick and tidy. In fact before finding Moneycorp I spoke with other brokers and asked about their rates, didn't compare to Moneycorp and they were much more effective"