Lloyds Bank Exchange Rates

If you have a bank account with Lloyds you can make an international payment from the comfort of your own home. Lloyds bank are proud to offer an online international payments service to all of their customers. You can make an international money transfer of up to £75,000 from your current account via internet banking. Larger transfers can be made in branch.

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"Lloyds Bank like any other bank do not offer the most competitive exchange rates. Contact one of the private money transfer companies listed in our comparison table to find a better exchange rate."

Main Features

Lloyds Bank are prominent on the UK high street and will carry out money transfer transactions for existing current account holders only.

Lloyd's bank main features include:

  • Transactions can be carried out Online, in Branch or via Telephone banking.
  • Premier International Bank accounts are available if you regularly send money abroad or travel overseas. Accounts are available in Euros, US Dollars or British Sterling.
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • High street presence.
  • Recognised brand.

Transaction timescales and fees

Lloyds Money Transfer service is only available to current account holders.

If you do have a current account with Lloyds you can send an international payment via telephone, in branch or online.

  • Online Banking – Send up to £75,000 a day. There is a transaction fee of £10 for payments below £5,000 and a charge of £17.50 for transactions £5,000 or over.
  • In Branch – Send up to £25,000 a day. There is a transaction fee of £20 for all transactions under £5,000 and a £35 fee on all payments over £5,000.
  • Via Telephone Banking – Send up to £5,000 a day via this method. £20 charge on all transfers under £5,000 and a £35 transaction charge on all transfers over £5,000.
  • Please note with Internet and Branch transactions, in order for Lloyds TSB to send your payment on the day you make a request you must submit your transfer by 3pm. Orders made after this time will be processed the next working day. The exchange rate you were given at the time you place your order will still apply.
  • Timescales – Payments to the EU, EEA, Monaco and Switzerland in Euros will arrive the next working day. Payments made in a currency other than the Euro to the EU, EEA, North America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and the Far East can take up to four working days and any other currency to any other country can take up to 12 working days.

Transaction fees do not include charges made by recipient banks which can vary.

Banks Vs Brokers

Lloyds charge between £10 and £35 for an individual currency transfer... If you make regular payments overseas these fees can soon start to add up. Many reputable brokerages regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority offer free transfers. They also provide a rate monitoring service to help you buy at the right time, which can help save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

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