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Romania is a sovereign state located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. It borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. Its capital and largest city, Bucharest, is the sixth-largest city in the EU and the tenth-largest on the European continent.

Aligned with rapid economic growth in the early 2000s, Romania has an economy predominantly based on services, and is a producer and net exporter of machines and electric energy.

Romanian leu is the currency of Romania, which may be subdivided into 100 bani. In 2014, Romania's Convergence Report set a target date of 2019 for euro adoption, however, the earliest feasible date for euro adoption in Romania is 2020, according to Romania's central bank governor.

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According to the World Geography voters, Romania has the most beautiful waterfall in the world! Bigar Cascade Falls in Caras-Severin made it to number 1.

Bram Stoker took inspiration from Romania for his classic novel, Dracula.

Coffee lovers may be surprised to know that Francesco Illy, the founder of Illy caffè was born in Romania in 1892. He invented the first automatic steam espresso coffee machine!

The Romanian Leu is the official currency of Romania. The ISO 4127 currency code for the Romanian Leu is RON.