New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate History Chart - Pan & Zoom 30-365 days (GBPNZD)

An Interesting Fact about New Zealand Dollar

The New Zealand Dollar coin features the Kiwi bird which is native to New Zealand on one side. The Kiwi bird lays the largest egg in relation to their size of any bird in the world. Each egg weighs approximately one third of the female Kiwi’s weight. The native kiwi bird is also the only known bird in the world to have a sense of smell.

History of the New Zealand Dollar

Until 1967 the currency of New Zealand had been the New Zealand pound. The New Zealand pound currency was considered rather complicated as one pound equaled twenty shillings and one shilling equaled twelve pence. There had been talk of changing to a decimal currency since the 1930s however this did not come into fruition until 1963 when the government agreed to change the currency of New Zealand and the Decimal Currency Act was passed in 1964.

The New Zealand Dollar was first introduced on the 10th July 1967 on ‘Decimal Currency day’. The old New Zealand pound was replaced at a rate of two dollars to the pound.

What currency is used in New Zealand ?

The New Zealand Dollar is the official currency of New Zealand. We do not know any UK suppliers of this currency. The ISO 4217 currency code for the New Zealand Dollar is NZD.