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The Jordanian dinar has been the currency of Jordan since 1950.The dinar may be subdivided into 10 dirham, 100 qirsh or 1000 fulus. The Jordanian dinar is also widely used alongside the Israeli shekel in the West Bank. Jordan became independent in 1946, and as of 1950, the Jordanian dinar became the kingdom’s official currency replacing the Palestinian pound. Although issued by the Jordan Currency Board, the notes bear the country's official name, The Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan.

Jordan is a sovereign Arab state in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River. Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq,, Syria, Israel and Palestine to the west. The Dead Sea lies along its borders and the country has a small shoreline on the Red Sea in its extreme, but is otherwise landlocked.Jordan is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. Amman, the capital, was previously known as Philadelphia, and is Jordan's most populous city as well as the country's economic, political and cultural centre.

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The World Bank has classed Jordan an upper middle income country, due to its economy has growing steadily over the past 10 years. The kingdom has a small, struggling agricultural and industrial base, due in large part to its shortages of fresh water and oil.

Jordan has 5 UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Jordanian Dinar is the official currency of The Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan. The ISO 4217 currency code for the Jordanian Dinar is JOD.