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Indonesia has the largest economy of Sout East Asia and is one of the world’s fastest emerging economies. In 2012 Indonesia in fact overtook India as the 2nd fastest growing world economy, just behind China. It has since slowed down and is resting at a pace of 5%.

The current rupiah consists of coins from 100 tO 1000 rupiah, and banknotes of 1000 to 100,000 rupiah. With the 1 rupiah worth so little, those coins do exist but aren’t in circulation.

There are currently two series’ of coins in circulation: aluminium, bronze and nickel coins which are dated between 1991 and 2010. The newer series are slowly but surely pushing out the old series, and come in denominations of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 rupiah.

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Indonesia has some of the largest things in the world; The largest lizard - the Komodo dragon - which can grow up to 9.8 feet in length, the world’s largest flower - Rafflesia Arnoldi - which weighs up to 15lbs and only grows on the island of Sumatra, and is the home of Lake Toba - the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Indonesia also has some of the 2nd largest things in the world; As well as their 2nd largest coastline, Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno Stadium was set up to host the Asian Games in 1962 hosts nearly 130,000 people, the 2nd largest stadium in the world.

The Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia. The ISO 4217 currency code for the Indonesian Rupiah is IDR.