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The Egyptian pound is the official currency of Egypt, and can be subdivided into 100 piastres, or 1000 milliemes. The Egyptian Pound can be seen abbreviated as LE, or E£ is commonly used online.

Egypt is a transcontinental country, meaning it spans the north east corner of Africa and south west corner of Asia. Fondly referred to as a cradle of civilization, Egypt was one of the first countries in history to develop writing, urbanisation, agriculture and central government. Their long and rich cultural heritage can be witnessed throughout the country. Modern Egypt began in 1922 when it gained independence from the British Monarchy.

More recently, in 2014 the government began implementing reform plans to bump the economy and achieve stable growth. These plans included reducing energy subsidies, increasing minimum wages and liberating the Egyptian Pound, which having been pegged to the dollar for decades, now floats freely.

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The Egyptians invented many things we still use today; pens, paper, toothpaste, and the 365 days a year calendar.

Cats were considered to be good luck in Ancient Egypt, nearly every household had one.

The Egyptian pound is the official currency of Egypt. The ISO 4217 currency code for the Egyptian Pound is EGP.