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The Costa Rican Colon is named after Christopher Columbus, known as Cristóbal Colón in Spanish, and is the currency of Costa Rica. 500 colones is colloquailly called a dollar in some places throughout the country.The colon began in 1896, replacing the Costa Rican peso at par.The colon is divided into 100 centimos.

Costa Rica is a poster child for successful steady economic development. Through its open outward facing growth, with trade liberalisation and foreign direct investment flooding in, Costa Rica is considered an upper middle-income country and has flourished over the past quarter-century.

Costa Rica is politically stable, and has the lowest poverty rate in Latin America and the Caribbean. Costa Rica values the environment and is a trailblazer for excellent green policies and achievements.

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Costa Rica literally translates as Rich Coast.

In the UK, we would call a significant other, your other half. In Costa Rica they are your media naranja, which translates as the other half of your orange!

The Costa Rican Colon is the official currency of Costa Rica. The ISO 4217 currency code for the Costa Rican Colon is CRC.