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The peso has been the currency of Colombia since 1810. Since 2001, the Colombian Senate has debated whether to redenominate the currency by introducing a new peso worth 1000 old pesos, i.e., to remove three zeros from its face value. This has not happened yet. However, the family of banknotes introduced in 2016 have the last three zeroes replaced by the word "mil" (thousand), making the notes easier to read and use.

Colombia is the only country in South America that has a coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia. It is the second largest capital city in South America and at 2640m is one of the highest capital cities in the world.

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Colombia is part of the Ring of Fire, a group of countries in the Pacific Ocean who are vulnerable to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

It is mandatory for radio and public television in Colombia to play the national anthem every day, at 6am and 6pm.

The Columbian Peso is the offical currency of Columbia. The ISO 4217 currency code for the Columbian Peso is COP.