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Known for its September celebrations, extensive coral reefs and punta music, Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is an independent Commonwealth realm on the eastern coast of Central America. Belize is bordered by Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea.

The society in Belize is diverse, compiling many cultures and languages which reflect its rich history. English is the official language of Belize, while Belizean Creole is an unofficial native language. Over half the population is multilingual, with Spanish being the second most common spoken language. Belize is considered a Central American and Caribbean nation with strong ties to both the Latin American and Caribbean regions. Belize is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state.

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The first dollars to circulate in British Honduras were Spanish dollars, pegged to the US dollar at a fixed rate of BZ$2 = US$1, this went through many signifcant changes but is back to being pegged at this rate once again.

Belize has a small, private enterprise economy that is based primarily on export of petroleum and crude oil. Only recently have the tourism and construction industries grown.

The Belize Dollar is the official currency of Belize. The ISO 4217 currency code for the Belize Dollar is BZD.